Social ROI of MedSoc’s Neighbourhood Health Service

Measuring the Social Return on Investment (ROI) of Neighbourhood Health Service’s programmes for older persons

“I enjoy helping older persons and feel connected to them over time. But I like to know how I can add value as they already have their own doctors.”

Family Medicine Residents

What is the Social ROI of Neighbourhood Health Service?

  • The Neighbourhood Health Service (NHS) is a community service project that brings free health screening and follow-up visits to older persons living in rental flats.
  • The Social ROI framework combines a stakeholder-driven evaluation and financial tools to arrive at a concept of value.
  • This NUS CARES project utilised Social ROI to financially value the social impact of NHS.

What NUS CARES uncovered

  • NHS appeared to add substantial value to the quality of life and quality of care of older persons living in rental flats.
  • Using the Social ROI methodology, NUS CARES projected a value of $104,459.48 generated from individual health cost savings, benefit from early treatment of diseases, and savings generated for government, amongst other benefits.
  • The value took into account time and other resources from volunteers and agencies.

“We had a challenging task, but with the cooperation of the NHS team, we were able to implement Social ROI to this unique project.”

NUS CARES Student Team

For more details about the NUS CARES Social ROI project, please click here.

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